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Katy is certified in the 10-session series of Greater Levels of Love 1:1 coaching

This is an ideal series for anyone interested in creating the next best evolution in their own life. The Greater Level of Love series is a gentle yet profound way to discover the unconscious blocks that might be interfering with your life and keeping you from your greatest potential. It is also a way to create a new existence for yourself through intentionality by creating the thoughts, feelings, and actions you want to experience. This is the series where you will work one-on-one with Katy to move through your personal transformation.

Benefits of Individual Coaching

  • Allows individuals to receive catered and undivided attention on their transformational journey
  • Individuals receive specific homework designed to best fit their needs
  • Allows individuals a deep dive into their personal unconscious programs with the support of a coach
  • Receive ten hours of individualized support from one coach
  • The Tools are yours to keep!

Working with Katy through the Greater Levels Of Love program was such a positive experience. Right away I knew I was going to enjoy working with her. As a coach she had such a wonderful way coming alongside of me, allowing me to share my experiences with ease! Katy guided me to discover more about myself and what was blocking me from higher self love, my goals, and dreams.

Each week, sessions would build upon one another, giving me a better understanding of where I stored stress in my body, and how to shift my mindset to really pursue all the intentions made at the start of the program. I became more aware of areas I needed to work on and Katy encouraged me throughout the work.

Having Katy as a coach, who is kind and compassionate, was a win win situation! I could truly trust her and be vulnerable, as I shared personal stories and challenging experiences. I know the love in my life is greater because of her!

Abigail Tjaden



$150/session, $1200 for 10 sessions purchased at once.

Option for Fitness/Yoga Plans Upgraded Packages

Is Coaching with Katy Right for You?

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